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B2B Virtual Case Instructions

Use the entry fields on the website ( to gather information about the patient – past medical/general history (History), symptoms (Symptoms), and Physical Exam findings (Exam). Take notes as you gather this information since you will be entering it online later. When done gathering all information, advance to the diagnostics/lab screen to see those results. After reviewing the diagnostics information, click the link that will take you to a Qualtrics survey to enter your problem list and diagnoses. After completing that section in the survey, you will get a full summary and discussion of the case. The final screen of the survey will ask for feedback on the virtual case. Please provide as much detail as you can so we can continue improving this in future iterations.



  • Website works best on newest edition of common browsers. It does not work well with Internet Explorer (but since that’s legacy software, don’t use it anyway). It is not mobile-adaptive – work through the case on a laptop/desktop.

  • Use earbuds/headphones for listening to sounds – turn volume up.

  • If Reply is "No records found.", it means no/none/nothing/never.

  • For fields that are not required, you do not have to add information. Definitely do not enter information that isn’t relevant for what you want.

    • EXAMPLE: For inspection of the ears or extremities, none of the available positions is relevant – just leave blank

  • Do not blindly click every option possible – this will waste time (as it would in a real clinical scenario); select only the things you think are relevant (multiple distractors are included within the case)

  • To reduce scrolling through the long drop-down lists, try typing in the selection box for what you are looking for


  • Start by selecting just a symptom, and if the symptom is present, next search for the symptom and the characteristics you want to know about.

EXAM tips

  • If Reply is a website, click on it to view image/video or hear audio. DO NOT CLICK ON REPLY IF NOT WEBSITE – WILL OPEN DEAD PAGE.

  • For exam maneuver, if you select “inspection”, “palpation”, “percussion”, or “auscultation” you will receive the results of doing the simplest form of these

    • EXAMPLE: Abdomen palpation yields “No masses or tenderness” but would not provide information on liver or spleen palpation – need to indicate those separately

    • EXAMPLE: Lung Auscultation yields information on breath sounds during normal respiration. If you want to assess for whispered egophony – this needs to be indicated in the Exam Maneuver field

  • If the body position doesn’t matter (eg, cranial nerves), don’t select a body position

  • If you want to perform an exam maneuver requiring a device, select the device or specific exam in the Exam Maneuver field

    • EXAMPLE: Select “Otoscope” in Exam Maneuver field along with “Ear” in Body Location/System field

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