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Using the Guide


  • Many areas in perioperative medicine continue to lack strong supporting evidence or remain controversial. 

  • Available evidence used in this guide is cited in parentheses and includes a hyperlink to either the original article (if publicly available) or the PubMed reference

  • As new data becomes available, the guide will be updated to reflect this

  • For areas with little guiding evidence or significant controversy, the author provides his opinion/recommendations in italics


  • The author hopes this guide will function as a kind of Wiki site for perioperative medicine with users offering suggestions/additions/redactions of content.

  • Any user suggestions will be vetted by international experts in the perioperative community to determine the best consensus



  • The guide is "mobile-responsive" or "mobile-friendly" and will work on mobile devices of any kind through your device's web browser

  • For hover features which are not supported on mobile devices, the hover information has been substituted for clarity.

  • On most mobile devices, one can create a link button for the home screen to make quick access of this guide easier. Click for more information.​

  • Why didn't you make an app? Because apps require much more technical expertise to develop and keep updated and would require duplication of effort (making versions for both Android and iPhone devices)


  • This site is created with software/programming that is not entirely compatible with Internet Explorer (IE)

  • IE is effectively a legacy browser which is no longer current; however, many institutions have retained this in enterprise versions of Windows 10

  • This site will work on every other browser available, so we suggest downloading any other or using the site on your mobile device

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